Want to learn how to make the best, but the simplest origami ever!? You’ve come to the right place.

Jabba the Hutt, coming soon…

The universal puppet…

1) Fold the bottom up.

2) Flip over, and fold both sides to the middle, but make sure they are overlapping, flip over.

3) COLOR!!!

Universal puppet, with hair…

For boy, after normal universal puppet step 1, fold the top down, and finish folding universal puppet.

For girl, fold the corners down t look like hair, while overlapping in the middle, finish folding, then pull out flaps on the side of the head.

Universal puppet, with ears…

1) Start with short (Like R2-D2) or tall (Like C-3PO)

2) Fold universal puppet, but don’t flip over at the end.

3) Fold the top flaps out, so it looks like a robe.

4) Flip over.

Universal pupet with baseball cap…

1) Hold the paper hot-dog style (Tall).

2) Fold side to side.

3) Fold top to bottom.

4) Fold the top about 1/4 of the way down, and crease, then unfold this step, but keep the crease.

5) COLOR!!!

To make origami Yoda, (Easy version)…

1) Hold the paper hamburger style (Short), and fold the bottom part a bit up, and flip over.

2) Fold both sides in to about the half line, but still overlapping.

3) Fold both flaps out so it looks like a robe.

4) Fold the top down to the fold you made in step 1.

5) COLOR!!!

For more experienced origami-ists, a super-hard Yoda…

1) Fold top down about 2 centimeters.

2) Fold the corners down, crease, then unfold a few times.

3) Push the corners into the space between the step  fold, and the rest of the paper.

4) Turn over and fold bottom 1 inch from the bottom (Like in step 1 for easy Yoda).

5) Fold down about a nanometer (Just joking, a tiny bit) from the step 4 fold (This should create a zigzag).

6) Turn over and fold the bottom all the way to the top.

7) Then fold the layer closest to you in half.

8) Turn over and-triangulary-fold all the layers toward the center of what you have now.

9) Fold the top corners to the back.

10) Fold the top down a little-Tape helps.

11) Crinkle ears and tuck extra feet out of sight.

12) COLOR!!!

The sith lord has returned…Darth Paper, easy mode…

1) Fold both sides inward, but remember, Hot dog style (Tall).

2) Fold both flaps out so it looks like a robe (Easy Yoda, step 3)

3) Fold the top down to the fold you made in step 1 (Easy Yoda, step 4)

4) Fold corners back, and lift bottom center of mask, squash sides flat.

5) Fold the bottom of the corners you made in step 4 back.

6) COLOR!!!

A true challenge, Darth Paper, with an opening mask that reveals Origami Anakin…

1) Fold corners in like you’re making a paper airplane., but leave a gap.

2) Fold top half down.

3) Fold down a tiny bit again, and fold tip up.

4) Fold 3/4 up, and fold down a tiny bit from the fold you just made, but don’t let it cover Vader’s face.

5) Fold corner down to make helmet sides, but don’t cover Vader’s face.

6) Fold sides behind helmet.

7) Now fold the bottom of his suit back, but don’t fold helmet again, just the lower sides.

My two favorite droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO…Hamburger (Short) for R2-D2, and Hot dog (Tall) for C-3PO.

1) Do easy Yoda steps 1-3, and turn upside down.

2) Flip over and fold top corners back to create a dome-ish shape.

3)Fold back what used to be Yoda’s ears to form two trapezoid-ish legs.

4) For R2-D2, fold a bit of the bottom back, and for C-3PO, COLOR!!!

5) For R2-D2, COLOR!!!

For the ladies ;-), princess Leia…

1) Make universal puppet with ears.

2) Fold half of the ear back, and fold the corner to the front, now the ears are hair.

3) COLOR!!!

The proud-even though he is short-tempered-droid leader, Kirigami (origami with cutting) General Grevious…

1) Fold in half, Hot-Dog style (tall)

2) Cut a triangle through both layers, but it should’nt fall out, like this:                                                           —–ERROR-PHOTO UNDER MAINTENANCE—–

3) Unfold and fold bottom up about a 1/2 inch.

4) Fold sides in to aroun the half line, but make sure that they’re overlapping.

5) Fold arms (cuts) down.

6) Flip over and fold had down.

7) Bend back top corners, and if you can, pinch the head in to create a 3-D effect.

8) Separate, bend, fold, and squash hands (cuts) into a jedi hating position.

9) COLOR!!!

Now the first trooper ever in the star wars saga: The Mandalorian…

1) Start with a 8 1/4 in. x 8 1/4 in. square paper.

2) Fold the bottom corners like you are starting an upside down airplane, but leave a small space, about 2 centimeters.

3) Fold the top down to about the half line, it should me 2 centimeters from the corners.

4) Turn over and fold both sides to the half line.

5) For a normal mandalorian, you’re done, COLOR!!! For Pre Vizla, Jango Fett, or Boba Fett, skip this step.

6) Fold one corner 1/3 of the way, then fold to the side, and unfold.

7) Fold the same corner down, and fold that fold in half. Unfold back to what you had in step 4.

8) Refold everything in steps 5 and 6, but on the front, then fold the other top corner back.

9) Push the whole top down, except the antenna.

10) COLOR!!!

Mandalorians again, with the body…

1) Fold the corners in, but unlike the other origami, don’t leave a space.

2) Fold the sides of the triangular point you just made inward (Optional)

3) Fold the top point from step 1 down.

4) Flip over and fold the bottom up.

5) Flip over and fold the sides back like easy Yoda.

6) Fold the bottom tip of the mask backward (Optional)

7) Fold the corners in (Optional)

8) Flip over and fold the folds outward, and flip over, it should look like an upside down easy Yoda, with pants.

9) COLOR!!!

Their clones: Clone troopers and storm troopers…

1) Fold the top 1/4 down.

2) Fold a thin stip up in the step 1 fold.

3) Fold up bottom corners.

4) Fold the point you just created up to the half line.

5) Fold sides back like easy Yoda.

6) Fold back top corners to round helmet.

7) Insert your index finger behind helmet and pull out the small pocket to extend helmet sides.

8) COLOR!!!

Now, the dead characters…

1) Make easy Yoda, but for step 2, don’t let them overlap.

2) Push the middle of the robes out a bit, and stick a lightsaber in the wounded character’s “heart”.

For a truly impossible challenge, fold this Yoda without instructions:

Master Yoda - origami.

Master Yoda (Photo Credit: Van Jahnke/Kawahata)


7 thoughts on “How-to-Fold”

  1. I completely owe the master Yoda to wikipedia and flickr, the free photo storage with one terabyte of storage!

  2. that yoda challenge is the VAN JEHNKE yoda, for all the people who don’t know this already.

  3. DJ Fett said:

    That’s the Kawahata Yoda!

  4. Yes, it is the Kawahata Yoda, a marvelous thing, is’nt it?

  5. Origami-Master said:

    That’s not the Van Jahnke Yoda. It’s the Kawhata Yoda.

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