Other Folds by my SuperFolder Friends

1) Ewok

The Ewok Instructions

These Ewok/Wicket instructions are by SuperFolder Aiden, one of my great friends.

2) Hulk

Origami Fortune Hulk

Hi everyone, one of my friends, SuperFolder Hansel has created an origami Hulk template, print out the picture, then make a Fortune teller, or Fortune Wookie. For maximum detail, cut on the dotted line after finishing.

If you are looking for the original Fortune Wookie paper, click here.


2 thoughts on “Other Folds by my SuperFolder Friends”

  1. SuperFolder Aiden said:

    Hey, Super Folder Dark knight! This is Aiden,
    The creator of the origami wicket. I REALLY
    appreciate you re-posting Wicket! It
    means a lot that you liked it enough to
    Put on this website

    -SF Aiden

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