Become an SF!

Hey guys, if you want to become an SF, send me at least two origami creations every week for 3 months straight, becoming a SuperFolder is a great honor, you can write your own posts without emailing me about them, but if you are acting irresponsibly, then I will have to demote you and you can never become a SuperFolder ever again! (Unless of course you tell me beforehand when you stop doing origami for a while, then I will make you a  SuperFolder again when you start sending me origami.)

But, if you are better at illustrating then origami, I will make you an SD (SuperDrawer) ,  but the same applies to you, two illustrations a week for 3 months straight, then 1 illustration a month to stay as a SuperDrawer.


2 thoughts on “Become an SF!”

  1. Dr. Awesome said:

    You should call them something different than SF’s, because Tom Angleberger already has SF’s on his website and you’re kind of stealing his idea! You should call them EpicFolders!

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